Knowledge sharing for construction industry benefit

Twenty-two delegates from across the globe attended an Innovation Safari at the J. Murphy & Sons Limited (Murphy) head office in London. 

The Innovation Safari is an event facilitated by the Innovation Beehive, which exposes businesses to innovation practices within other companies. The Safari aims to inspire and guide clients on their own innovation journeys, by providing an interactive, open knowledge-sharing session that draws on the experience from other companies.

The Safari included presentations from Facebook, Airbnb, Unilever, Silicon Valley and the Innovation Foundation at Murphy. The delegates consisted of senior leaders from across the Tarmac industry, with representation from several business units and sectors.

Murphy provided the Tarmac group with real and relevant insights into how staff can drive innovation in the infrastructure and construction industry, with particular focus on culture, collaboration and capability.

The Innovation Team provided expert insight into their success over the past two years, by addressing and exploring challenges faced by the industry, such as tight profit margins, limited budget, health and safety risks and a cultural resistance to change.

By truly living the Murphy values of an “open innovation model”, the Innovation Team extended their knowledge and passion to the Tarmac group by sharing key components of their innovation strategy and sharing information and insights on projects over the last two years.

This was reinforced by the presence and support of four innovation champions, who took part in a Q&A session to provide further insight and guidance on what truly makes the Murphy champion network so brilliant.

The Innovation Beehive accelerates the potential of people, organisations, leaders, and ideas. They work on three key areas: innovation, culture, and leadership. They deliver innovation training, leadership development programmes, and support organisations to build Innovation Ecosystems to enable their people to unleash their creative potential.

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