Grain LNG ‘Capacity 25’ Main Site Works - Tender Win

J Murphy & Sons Ltd is proud to announce that we have been selected as National Grid Ventures’ delivery partner to design and build the ‘Main Site Works’ workstream of ‘Capacity 25’ - Grain LNG’s capital expansion and enhancement project.

Currently the Grain LNG site can deliver circa 25% of the UK’s gas demand, able to store up to 1 million m3 of LNG. Following completion of the project Grain LNG will be capable of meeting around one third of the UK’s gas demand and storage at the site will increase to 1.2 million m3.

This expansion will be achieved primarily through the installation of:

  • Three Boil Off Gas Compressors along with the installation of a new Local Equipment Room
  • Two new Submerged Combustion Vaporisers
  • Two new Export Tank Pumps

The Murphy Energy team have been working with the Grain LNG team as part of the tender process since March 2021, participating in weekly clarification and negotiation meetings to allow a successful solution to be developed and agreed collaboratively.

The competitive tender process ran from March to late September before Murphy was appointed Preferred Bidder in October, with Contract Award and Contract Start in November 2021.

The Main Site Works project will take place in parallel to the construction of the additional LNG storage tank project with commissioning in early 2025 and ready to accept and process the additional LNG capacity from mid-2025.

This is a significant opportunity for the Murphy Energy business to support a strategic UK Energy project in the journey towards Net Zero.

Goke Phillips, Grain LNG Project Director said:

“I’m delighted to welcome J Murphy & Sons on board. Capacity 25 is a vital strategic investment - not just for Grain LNG, but for the UK - and the Main Site Works is an essential part of it. I’ve been impressed with the collaborative spirit in which the working partnership has already developed and look forward to the successful joint delivery of the project.”

Jon Downs, Murphy Managing Director, Energy, said:

“This award builds on previous work with Grain LNG and the wider relationship with National Grid. The open and forthright way our joint teams have worked together through the procurement process to optimise and overcome the many challenges this complex project presents is a great demonstration of collaborative working at its best. We are looking forward to working closely with the Grain LNG team in successfully delivering The Capacity 25 project and securing part of the UK’s strategic energy developments.”

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