Providing assistance to GNI in maintaining their Transmission Gas Network


The project involved the transportation, installation, commission of filter skids, temporary pig traps, vent stack and associated pipe spools to facilitate the Inline inspection of GNI operated high pressure gas pipelines. The work required the filtering systems to be set up with various Above Ground Installations sites within the ROI. Filtration units weighing 6ton where transported between AGI’s along with the associated, temporary pig traps, pipe spools, vent stack, hoses, equipment and nitrogen and set up in accordance with the agreed layout designs and within the specified time frames to accommodate specialist crews  to carry out the Inline Inspection.


Mobilisation and setup of units from within operation Above Ground Installation ensuring that operational continuity was maintained with no interruption to supply.

Lifting operations took place under fully permitted conditions ensuring that the integrity of the network was maintained at all times.

Leak testing, with Nitrogen, the newly installed filtration system within the confines of a live operational site to pressures in excess of 60bar.

Work was carried out to strict project program constraints with no downtime permitted and with each of the filtration units being setup and commissioned with 7 of mobilising to a site.

Measurement, fabrication and testing of bespoke tie-in spools carried out off site within short time frames to facilitate work


The requirement to work on sites with limited or restricted access to install units for filtration works. Murphy mobilised equipment to site utilising in house transportation.


  • Work carried out accident free
  • All welding, inspection, testing and commissioning carried out through direct delivery
  • No disruption to the GNI Transmission Network.