Shallow water pipeline specialists

Established in the 1950s, our Land and Marine team has a proven track record of successfully delivering subsea pipeline projects.

We specialise in the design, engineering, construction and installation of landfalls, outfalls and other nearshore marine pipelines and bundles, as well as a range of specialist marine operations.

Our innovative and flexible approach enables us to provide customised solutions for our clients’ projects. We can undertake substantial and complex projects, while still retaining an intimate client-contractor relationship.

What we do 
  • Subsea pipelines and cable landfalls
  • River, estuary and sea crossings
  • Outfalls and intakes
  • Offloading lines, bundles and sea lines
  • Installation of mooring systems and conventional buoy and single point moorings

Our in-house engineering department offer pre-FEED, FEED, consultancy and advisory services in addition to detailed design and installation engineering for all our projects and services.

We also carry out specialist marine operations and offer a wide range of linear winches, barge with accommodation and specialist related marine equipment hire. We have recently added two 800te socket passing linear winches to our existing fleet (272te to 300te).

We have developed a number of novel engineering solutions to subsea challenges. These include the installation of marine anchors and piles for single point moorings, and designing pipe jointing frames and pioneering a highly effective system for detecting and recovering nuclear particles from on or under the seabed

What makes us different
  • Directly employed workforce – We have a dedicated team of engineers, specialist operators and project management personnel who provide our clients with an extensive range of engineering and construction capabilities. 
  • Project scale and diversity - Our inventive and adaptable approach enables us to provide optimum solutions for a diverse array of projects, ranging from high to low value and complexity.
  • Own equipment- From our North West UK plant facility, we are able to distribute plant and equipment all over the world. We can also build or modify equipment to suit specific project requirements using our in-house fabrication facilities. 

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Natural resources.

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We provide safe and reliable services as a trusted Engineering, Procure, Fabrication, Maintain and Decommissioning (EPFCM&D) partner. This includes work with onshore and offshore oil, gas pipelines, gas diversions and renewable energies, as well as a range of specialist services including engineering, procurement, fabrication, maintenance and decommissioning.

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