Environmental sustainability

We strive to build more resilient infrastructure and more durable, low-carbon assets. As signatories of the Government’s Infrastructure Carbon Review, we are already committed to using new technologies, construction techniques and low carbon materials to reduce the carbon emissions associated with UK infrastructure.

We are also working on the reduction of fuel consumption through plant selection, innovation and enhanced driver training, which has demonstrated significant savings in both carbon emissions and costs so far. Increasing resource efficiency is also crucial. By working with our supply chain and clients, we are minimising landfill waste, material and water use, while increasing recycling opportunities and trialling new products with high-recycled content.

Environment management system

Our environment management system, certified to ISO 14001:2015, ensures we meet regulatory, contract and social obligations regarding our potential environmental impact. Environmental management on each project is through the development of environmental plans, pollution prevention measures and regular on-site inspections and audits.

The ISO 14001:2015 Certificate is available for download.

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