Stockport Road Long Timbers

Project Outline

Murphy was tasked with replacing the existing long timbers on bridge EJN7 at Roscoes Roundabout in Cheadle, Stockport as there was a speed restriction on the line due to the poor condition of the timbers.

Key Challenges

The available possession access was very short and the works required a lot of different concurrent activities on the bridge at the same time. Considerable effort was put into streamlining the site activities to ensure that the works could be completed within the required timeline. We had to strike a balance between prefabricating all the brackets and having the flexibility to deal with the variances we found on the existing bridge.

Project Delivery and Innovation

The works included the removal of the existing long timbers, rivet busting, installation of new holding down brackets, plus the installation of in-situ and precast concrete elements. The vast majority of the works were undertaken during possession with two 29 hour core possessions in mid March 2018.

The brackets for holding down the new timbers to the existing cross girders were redesigned to make the installation process quicker. A small number were made as separate units to give more flexibility if some elements of the existing bridge were not as expected once the existing timbers were removed. Working closely with our supply chain and our appointed designer, Arcadis, we developed the methodology for replacing the long timbers that worked in the very short possession times available.

The delivery of the scheme required close liaison with all stakeholders to organise complex road closures and rail access and the works were successfully completed in April 2018.

"Now the dust has settled after an eventful weekend I wanted to take the opportunity to pass on my thanks to you all for the work undertaken at EJN/7 Stockport long Timbers. Fair to say it is one of the most complicated and challenging schemes we have delivered in recent years. We took on this scheme when IP Track and Works Delivery all passed it on due to the challenges it provided. This sets us out from the others and really shows the value we all bring to the LNW Renewals portfolio.

Over the weekend we faced appalling weather conditions, unforeseen obstructions, additional steelwork repairs, signalling problems, plant failures and road closure issues. On a normal scheme we would feel unlucky to experience one of these events but to deliver a scheme of this complexity with all of these was testament to the excellent ‘can do, will do’ attitude you all displayed. You all showed just how good you are.

Please can you pass on my thanks to all of your site team who worked tirelessly to bring this scheme through to completion and mitigated a multitude of risks which got us in a place to complete the work over the weekend."

Ian Jones, Route Delivery Director, Network Rail



Stockport Road Long Timbers

Stockport Road Long Timbers


Network Rail


Cheadle, Stockport

Completion Date

April 2018



Capabilities Demonstrated

  • Engineering
  • Design

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