Dalston Lane Terrace

Project outline

Murphy is in the process of completing a conservation-led, mixed-use regeneration scheme in Dalston Lane, Hackney. The development agreement with Hackney Council will provide 44 residential units and ten retail units.

The project has involved demolishing the original buildings at 46-78 Dalston Lane, which included unoccupied flats and a number of ground floor retail units. However, it has also involved retaining part of the terrace of late Georgian to Victorian properties.

You can see the interior of one of the units with our new virtual tour.

Key challenges

The main challenge has been keeping the party walls supported during demolition and construction of each phase. The original plan, to improve the integrity of the party wall, was to carry out an underpinning activity. But after further investigation the site team suggested that using a ‘CADBE’ system to retain the wall would be safer, as it removed the need for operatives to work in confined excavations in Hackney gravel – which can be particularly unstable.

Careful phasing has also been needed to ensure businesses occupying existing units are affected as little as possible; only upon completion of phase 1 did phase 2 demolition begin.

The transition to new units has been especially significant for two retailers in particular, who have been resident for the past 40 years. It’s of paramount importance to ensure trade for them and the local community they serve is uninterrupted.

Project delivery and innovations

Demolition in this densely populated urban area was carried out in a careful and sympathetic manner, which has been essential due to the close proximity of neighbouring residents. Particularly unstable sections had to be demolished by hand to minimise risk of collapse and disruption to others.

Many aspects have been delivered using Murphy's in-house expertise and people, including the foundations, drainage and front façade. The scheme is being constructed using London reclaimed yellow stock bricks and a traditional lime mortar, to ensure local conservation requirements are met. This has meant time, care and numerous sample panels were needed, with the final approval being granted by the London Borough of Hackney with input from the Mayor.

Three apprentices from Hackney Council have been directly employed on the Murphy apprenticeship training scheme to help boost local employment and regeneration of the area.

Dean Clarke, Apprentice Coordinator for Hackney Council said, “Murphy has continued to show really excellent communication and commitment to Hackney through phase 1 and their cooperation with apprentices and job notifications has been really appreciated. Their taking on of bricklayer, carpenter and electrical apprentices has been fantastic”.

Key facts

  • 44 homes and over 1,000 sqm retail space
  • Façade constructed using reclaimed yellow stock bricks and traditional lime mortar
  • Compliance with Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM Very Good
  • Secure by Design Standards

Further information 

New residents have moved into the first phase of apartments but more homes are available. The sale of apartments is being managed by Savills - for further information, please visit the Dalston Lane Terrace website.

Dalston Lane Terrace - exterior (front)

Dalston Lane Terrace - exterior (front)

Dalston Lane Terrace - exterior (back)

Dalston Lane Terrace - exterior (back)


Murphy Homes


Dalston Lane, Hackney, London

Completion Date

March 2018



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