Bacton sleeve replacement

Hydrotesting of 70m pipeline in Bacton

Project outline 

Pipeline Testing Services (PTS) was employed to perform a swab and gauge pig run on a 70m replacement section of 900mm pipeline. The brief was then to carry out filling and hydrotesting activities, dewater and desiccant dry the section.

Project delivery and innovation

The pipeline section needed swabbing and gauging to prove the section was clear of construction debris and to confirm that there was no deformation of any section. This was then filled with clean water, brought in by road tanker, and pressure tested to 144 barg for a period of 24 hours, as required by the specification. Upon completion of the pressure testing the water was returned to the filling point using bi-directional pigs.

Finally the pipeline was dried – first using foam pigs propelled through the pipeline to remove all free water, and then using desiccant dry air to dry the pipeline to minus 20C. 

Testing activities were completed on time and within budget.



Bacton sleeve replacement

Bacton sleeve replacement





Completion Date

December 2013


Capabilities Demonstrated

  • Pipeline testing services

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