Innovative approach to pipelines provides industry leading service

At Murphy we specialise in laying and maintaining pipelines for our natural resources, water and power sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

We have long been a market leader in the design and construction of major cross-country and urban pipelines, above ground installations (AGIs) and compression stations.

Our record for designing and constructing large and complex projects on time, safely and to exacting standards - often in difficult conditions - is unrivalled. Safety and welfare is a priority, and we maintain the highest business principles and values across our business.

We have multi-skilled, highly experienced and motivated teams that work alongside clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. Our innovative approach to pipelines means that we invest in new methods, technology and research to make sure we provide the very best possible service for clients.

In Canada, we have set up a joint venture with pipelines contractor, Surerus, called Surerus Murphy. The business deals with large diameter gas and liquid transmission pipelines installation.

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