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Pipeline Testing Services (PTS) directly employs a highly skilled and trained workforce to carry out all aspects of pressure testing, pipeline drying pigging and commissioning throughout the UK and overseas. PTS has built a reputation for providing a specialist testing and asset integrity management service to the energy, oil, gas, water and process industry.

With the agility of a small focused specialist business we enjoy the support of the group’s financial strength and support from the engineering, plant and SHESQ functions. Our operational and management base is located in a dedicated facility in Leeds adjacent to the Murphy regional delivery unit offering complete UK and overseas coverage.

Our professional, experienced management and personnel are focused on operational safety. Trained to the highest standards, our staff gain various certification such as Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Managing Safely; Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS); SCO; Engineering & Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB); and first aid, among others. Alongside this, we remain up-to-date with cutting edge industry technology, current legislation and latest governance.

As well as many portable test manifold skids, PTS has a fleet of three off lorry mounted conventional dead weight, chart recorder test units with integrated office facilities. We also have a further five off Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) compliant, bespoke and industry leading test units. These consist of three off mobile test vans (MTVs) and two off mobile test units (MTUs) incorporating not just conventional dead weight testing but also the latest Honeywell digital systems, variable pressure relief systems and test medium separation accumulators.

The units contain pumping, filling, office, control room and workshop facilities. The key features are:

  • CE marked test units and test vans.
  • Variable and integrated pressure relief systems to provide pressure relief for both the test equipment and the client’s asset.
  • Test equipment circuit to test assembly medium separation proving benefits where assemblies require high levels of cleanliness, or where potential dead weight oil and test water mix is deemed unacceptable.
  • Remote test monitoring capability for clients and third party use.

We carry a large fleet of over 30 positive displacement hydrostatic test, along with an enviable fleet of diesel pressure and filling pumps, and desiccant dryers.

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