Murphy build Mini Gherkin with Liverpool students

At the beginning of May J. Murphy and Sons Ltd embarked on a week-long project with students from the University of Liverpool , constructing a scaled down version of one of the UK’s most iconic landmarks.

The project took place in Norfolk where a team of students and Murphy professionals constructed a mini replica of London’s Gherkin building - as well a copy of the Brewery Wharf suspension footbridge and the Ravenspurn Offshore Oil Platform.

The project was part of the Constructionarium initiative, which provides a “hands-on” construction experience for students and professionals. It provides a link between academic institutes and industry so that students are able to apply knowledge they have gained in a practical, safe and relevant environment.

Alistair Smyth, Murphy’s engineering director, visited the site during the week and said: “I was extremely impressed with the work the students were doing, they certainly had a lot of ideas! At Murphy we are keen to be part of bridging the skills gap and developing tomorrow’s engineers. Liverpool University is one of Murphy’s chosen educational institution partners and so the Constructionarium scheme provided a unique opportunity to support students, offering them the opportunity to develop practical skills outside of the curricula.”

Student delegates were assessed throughout the week in respect of budgetary control, methodology and project management.

A Murphy project manager acted as the student’s site manager during the construction process, and as their client during the evening progress meetings. A Murphy surveyor also assisted the students for the week and the company provided the students with the required protective clothing for all students and numerous items of plant and equipment.


Students at work

Student, Sak Almajali, who took part on the project said: “We did find this week fulfilling indeed, and I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and my team to thank Murphy for guiding us, being there for us and showing us how things are done. Attending this week was really beneficial in terms of having a better insight on what the world of contracting looks like. So thank you for everything and thanks to Murphy for sponsoring this week and making it an unforgettable experience."


The team for the week with Murphy engineering director, Alistair Smyth

Murphy will be organising similar events in the future, as well as career workshops and lectures at Liverpool University and other educational institutes.

Posted 14 May 2018

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