Meet Alex Axford - an insight into her role as quantity surveyor

At Murphy, we believe our people are our greatest asset, which is why they are at the heart of our company and everything we do. This week we caught up with quantity surveyor, Alexandra Axford, to talk about her time at Murphy so far.

What is your name and job title?

Alex Axford, quantity surveyor.

Where are you normally based?

I’m currently based between Kentish Town and onsite.

In a nutshell, what do you do at Murphy?

I am a Quantity Surveyor working in M4, which is our Energy division. I am currently based on a National Grid scheme that includes Beddington to Rowdown cable installation.

It’s hard to sum up my role in a nutshell as every day is different! Working in the commercial function allows for a great deal of variety as it covers a good cross-section of activities. All things cost, contract, client management (the list goes on). The role also involves a lot of interface with the other functions within Murphy.

Ultimately, my day-to-day role is to work with the project manager and the rest of the team to ensure that Murphy are in the best contractual / commercial position on the project, which can be affected by so many things.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

The challenges asssociated with the role are almost like problem solving, which I love as it keeps my brain active. I also love the sense of being in a team and working together to achieve the same goal, as it gives you a family feel and a nice sense of belonging!

When thinking about my actual role I enjoy change the most! NEC3 (compensation events) covers what you are entitled to, to what was originally planned (in very basic terms).

What attracted you to working in the construction industry?

Strangely, I knew I wanted to be a Quantity Surveyor when I started my A Levels (I say strangely as most people tend to say they fell into this role). I knew I liked to work with numbers and I knew the typical ‘numbers-based’ roles would be a tad too boring for me.

My dad introduced me to the role of a Quantity Surveyor when I was still at school and would take me to price up houses with him, this was after we realised I was no good at laying bricks. I liked the idea of the construction industry because every project is different, and it would give me a level of variety that not many other industries have.

What has been your favourite project to work on and why?

My favourite project to work on has probably been the Olympics - it was such an honour to be part of that project, especially as my first placement. But I have loved all the projects I have been on as they have all taught me different things!

Posted 21 March 2019

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