Meet Dominic Del-Giudice - apprentice electrician

At Murphy, we believe our people are our greatest asset, which is why they are at the heart of our company and everything we do. This week we caught up with apprentice electrician, Dominic Del-Giudice, to talk about his time at Murphy so far.

What do you do at Murphy?

I am currently a first year apprentice working for Murphy Electrical Services based in the Midlands working from the Cannock Offices. My primary role is to learn and become an approved Installation Electrician and assist the projects in the region - this predominantly is for Network Rail and HS2.

What do you like best about your job?

My role is very hands-on, where I am constantly learning new skills from my team members. One thing I like about my job is the different types of work and challenges I come across on a day to day basis which makes life interesting.

Working in the rail sector faces a series of challenges which can involve working on a live track and in close proximity to the general public. All of which I discovered whilst completing recent improvement works at Longbridge train station in Birmingham. Another thing I like about my job is that I am proud to be a part of the HS2 contract which is the largest engineering project in the UK.

A day in my life involves:


Wake up, get ready and head to the correct site/ location signing into Aurora on arrival.

Make a morning brew, have the craic with the lads on site and complete daily risk assessment sheet. Ensure the method statement and the work needed to becompleted is fully understood before starting work. This will be briefed by the Supervisor or the electrical team leader.


Put on the necessary PPE and start the task set by the electricians who I am working with.


Morning break – socialise with colleagues and usually have scrambled eggs on toast with a brew or a cold refreshing drink depending on the weather.


Continuing with electrical duties set by electrician who I am working with.


Lunch time! Here is another opportunity to socialise and have a laugh with work colleagues whilst having lunch, which I normally try to keep healthy, unless it’s Friday as we normally have a full English breakfast at the local café.


Complete the electrical tasks set out for the day. Tidy up, taking back materials and tools to the stores. Sign out and clock out on Aurora.


After work I normally go to Muay Thai lessons which are not only fun and interesting, but also good for fitness.

Night shift

I often have to work night shifts due to the nature of works that needs to be completed. For example a possession of the track will be needed when working on or near the track which normally takes place on a Saturday night. This not only makes a difference to my wage slip but is a great opportunity for me to learn more on the job experiences.

Improvement Works at Longbridge

Here is just one of the Murphy projects I have been involved with during my working experience with them. This has been a great opportunity for me to advance my practical work and theoretical knowledge on the job. As well as attending college on a block release which gives me confidence with my overall career moving forward.



If you're looking to construct a career at Murphy, head to our Early Careers Website for information on our apprenticeships, summer placements and graduate programs.

Posted 26 June 2019

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