2019 Murphy Innovation Awards

In 2018, Murphy launched its Innovation Foundation.

In its second year running, the Foundation is supported by a network of over 80 champions across the business. The team predominately manages innovation ideas in the form of submissions, and presents them to a dedicated Innovation Board to deliver as projects.

Project submissions can range from the development of a circular economy model, materials testing, satellite application research, purchasing new pieces of plant, trialling exo-suits, and even developing  drone capability. The team represents a positive reflection of the behaviours our people at Murphy exhibit to turn ideas into reality.

This summer, Murphy recognised the teams and individuals for their contribution to innovation. The winners were presented with 3D printed awards, handed out by CEO, John Murphy and Chairman, Alastair Kerr.

There were several award categories at the event, including most active business unit, most active innovation champion, most shared knowledge, and most discussed idea. 

William Reddaway, Group Head of Innovation at Murphy said the contribution in these areas is pinnacle to enable the business to deliver innovative solutions to clients.

“We can explore new technologies, collaborate with academics and industry professionals and share knowledge to deliver value through our projects to our clients and their customers.”

The Innovation Foundation  translates knowledge between teams, businesses and sectors at Murphy to stimulate unique opportunities and open new doors.

This organic approach is a vital part of the Murphy innovation ecosystem, and ensures that the business continues to incorporate a holistic and dynamic range of feedback into the innovation programme.

For more information, please contact the innovation team at innovation@murphygroup.co.uk

Posted 18 July 2019

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