Industrial Maintenance


Murphy Ireland secured an initial four-year contract to undertake civil and mechanical plant upgrade and maintenance works for the alumina manufacturing company, Aughinish Alumina Ltd. (AAL) in 1982. By virtue of ongoing success and the relationship developed with the client, we have been contracting on this site since the early 1980s.


Murphy Ireland are involved in designing and installing equipment; overseeing large projects; and both researching and developing new innovations in the field to facilitate safer and more efficient systems of work. The work is complex, so it is essential that mechanical fitters on-site have a high level of experience, education and training.

One of the major challenges facing Murphy Ireland management is that the plant itself was built 35 years ago and therefore some of the products initially used are no longer in production. To overcome this, on-site personnel have developed new innovative techniques and methods to facilitate successful delivery of projects within the allocated timeline.


Murphy Ireland provide a broad range of services to AAL which include:

Descaling / Vessel Cleaning Works. Murphy Ireland's contract with AAL includes providing and managing tank, vessel and process pipework descaling resources to meet the requirements of the client. Descaling entails the removal of scale from the internal faces of tanks used in the alumina manufacturing process.

Bauxite Residue Disposal Area Activities. This includes raising sprinkler heads; maintaining and laying geotextile membrane and HDPE pipework; crushing and screening of rock to client specifications; and heavy duty plant work on a daily basis, including movement and grading of various types of construction aggregate.

Civil Works. This discipline deals with construction and maintenance of the infrastructure and environment, including road maintenance and local building improvements. Murphy Ireland are also involved in various aspects of formwork on-site. This involves erecting shutters; tying and placement of rebar; and occasional largescale concrete pours.

Mechanical Works. The mechanical personnel on-site make up the majority of the labour force. Murphy Ireland have assigned a mechanical workgroup to each section of the plant and the mechanical workshop. Having an on-site mechanical workshop enables us to fabricate job specific products in a prompt, efficient manner to meet project deadlines.


Some of the reasons Murphy Ireland have a successful relationship with the client are:

  • Consistent safety performance due to lower turnover of staff and continuity of work.
  • Cost benefits due to fixed rates and Murphy Ireland's open management approach to innovative work methods.
  • Improved work systems due to involvement of Murphy Ireland in work scopes that result in more efficient work practices.
  • Continuity, which enables the client to plan work in a more efficient manner.

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