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It’s for charity!

Our teams are passionate about helping good causes and positively engage in grassroots activities to benefit the communities in which we work. Whether it's donating household items to local refuges, upcycling materials so that they can be used in schools, or donating materials for community use, we like to help.

If you have a good cause in-mind, which is local to one of our offices or sites get in touch - our charity committee meets monthly and can give your proposal their consideration. Fundraising efforts could be eligible to receive a donation should you meet our fundraising criteria.

Our charity committee selected a charity which closely aligns with the work we do here at Murphy and we are delighted to now be a patron for the construction charity, CRASH. Any Murphy employee fundraising for CRASH is eligible for match funding, so each time our staff raise money for them, Murphy matches their total.

CRASH is a unique, practical charity that assists homelessness and hospice charities with construction related projects, creating places that care for people. CRASH support charities with practical elements of their building projects, which can hugely improve the experience of the construction process for the charities they help, and create better places for people to live and work.

Bill Merry, head of the charity committee said of the partnership with CRASH:

"We are excited to welcome CRASH into the Murphy family. As has been showcased in previous years our staff are incredibly charitable and always support charitable organisations as much as they possibly can. It's an exciting time for the charity committee, we are really looking forward to working with CRASH and raising some really great sums of money for them, to support the great work they are doing."

Francesca Roberts, Chief Executive of CRASH charity said:

''We are delighted to welcome Murphy as a Patron company of CRASH charity. Working together, sharing skills and materials, produces practical and valuable results that help people who have been homeless or need end of life care in a hospice. We would like to thank Murphy for their generosity in helping us continue to create places that care for people. What CRASH achieves is only possible thanks to you and your efforts to help people when they are most in need."

If you would like to enquire about receiving a donation from us, just fill in the form below and we will be in touch. You don't have to be an employee and we will try to help out in any way!

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