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Building your career. Constructing our future.

Murphy is only as good as the people who work here. We’re a family, improving lives as we deliver world-class infrastructure.

Having the right skills and capabilities is essential before we even start on our projects. Our commitment to providing the right learning and development support for our teams will help us deliver our long-term growth plan.

Our approach is all about taking ownership of your learning: having the self-motivation to go after more, to never settle, to keep reaching for new achievements. We offer continual learning for everyone – not just on training courses, but learning on the job and learning through colleagues.


As part of our approach to learning, we offer more self-paced, on demand tools to support your development. Our online Learning Zone has a variety of guides, tools and tips to support your learning, and it’s accessible to everyone, as and when you need it.

We offer something for everyone: whatever your role and wherever you are in our business, whether you’re in a central office or on one of our remote sites, you’re part of helping us achieve our goals. And our approach to learning will help you achieve yours.


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