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We recently launched our new finance system on 4 July 2019.

As with any new system implementation, we are having some challenges and are working through them. Please bear with us, and we apologise for any delays you may have experienced.

How do I get paid?

We value the services you provide, and getting you paid is a key priority for us. To help speed up payments, we are doing daily pay runs and have additional resource on hand. If you need to contact us about an urgent payment, please call us on:

Supplier hotline: 0113 467 1755

Where do I send invoices?

Please email invoices to us. The email address depends on the legal entity:

Legal Entity


J Murphy and Sons Ltd


Murphy Plant Limited

Murphy International Limited

Murphy Process Engineering Limited

ALL subcontractor suppliers

You can also post invoices to: J. Murphy & Sons Limited, Finance Shared Service Centre, 1 Bridge Court, Yew Tree Way, Golborne, WA3 3JD

When sending us invoices…


Provide all invoices with a Murphy Purchase Order (PO). If you submit an invoice without referencing the PO, it will be returned to you.

  1. Only invoice for the amount on the PO (if you are asked to provide extra goods or services then a new PO number must be raised for the additional amount).
  2. Include the Murphy PO on the goods note receipt (GNR) and the invoice to speed up matching.
  3. Make sure that your invoice is addressed to the correct Murphy legal entity (in the table above).
  4. Please attach each invoice as a separate documente. don’t scan 3 invoices into one document. They should be 3 separate documents.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on our supplier hotline: 0113 467 1755

Partner working on the Triton Knoll project
Partner working on the Triton Knoll project

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