Murphy senior commercial manager bidding for first place at this year's WICE Awards

This week we caught up with WICE Award finalist, Joanna Mulcahy, senior commercial manager, who told us about being nominated and her time with Murphy.

The WICE awards recognise women from all across Europe that are “breaking down barriers and building new highs”.

Women represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the UK. Most of these jobs are office based with only 2% working in manual jobs. In engineering the figure is even lower than construction with women representing only 9% of the work-force.

The aim of the awards is to make the industry more enticing to women. To create role models for women considering a career in engineering or construction, while encouraging companies to employ and train more women.

Joanna is a finalist for the 'Best Woman Quantity Surveyor’ award.

How long have you been with Murphy?

I began with Murphy in 2005 as an assistant quantity surveyor and have advanced through the ranks to become a member of the senior management team. 

Tell us a little bit about your role.

I work flexibly across the business to support dispute resolution and assist with the strategic development of the commercial function.

What's been your proudest achievement at Murphy so far?

I was immensely proud to become a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, which is an honoured class of distinction awarded on the basis of individual achievement within the profession. 

Are there any particular challenges you've faced and overcome?

Most of the challenges I have faced have been self-imposed and I have learnt to succeed by embracing discomfort.  I spend a lot of time out of my comfort zone which enables me to expand my influence and gain the skills required to take on future challenges.   

How do you feel about being a WICE Awards finalist?

It was an honour to be shortlisted and become involved in an event which recognises and congratulates the efforts of hard-working, loyal and dedicated women who aspire to be the best they can be. 

What would you say to other women considering a career in construction?

For men and women I would give the following advice:

Question everything. Understand how things work especially the broader business, and wonder how they can be made to work better. 

Strive to be an expert in your chosen field and never stop learning through both experience and academia. 

To make sure the broad outlines of your career plan work well you will need to connect with some strong mentors.  Having a sounding board for your ideas will be vital.  You also should not confine your search within your organisation or industry; surrounding yourself by people with different expertise and gaining different perspectives will be invaluable.

Always focus on doing your job well.  That is what will earn you promotions.  Many people can seem more concerned about the job they want than the one they are employed to do.  Nevertheless career goals are important and must be shared.  You should take a proactive interest in your own progress. Keep fully aware of the competencies you still need to develop and plan how to achieve them.

Good Luck Joanna!

The finalists will be going forward to the judging panel in April with the award ceremony taking place on 24th May 2018 in London.

Find out more about the WICE Awards at

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