Murphy’s mystery heroes unmasked

A call to arms to find the duo who saved a teacher from ‘moped muggers’ has now been answered.

At the start of the month, the Evening Standard reported on a mugging attempt in Walthamstow where Lynne Tanswell was targeted by two youths on a moped who tried to grab her mobile phone. Luckily, two Murphy employees came to her rescue, but no one knew who they were.

The marketing and communications team wrote an article, asking the heroes to come forward – and that’s exactly what has now happened.

Jonathan Stanton and Lewis Steele, a two-man gang working on a Thames Water site in Abbey Mill, saw posters asking who the men were in the work yard at Murphy’s head office in Kentish Town.

Jonathan, a ganger, said: “I was reading through the story and thought, ‘hang on a second – that’s us!’”

Lynne had tried to flee from her attackers but the moped mounted the pavement, trapping her behind a row of safety barriers in Forest Road.

Lewis said: “Jonathan was driving us to our next job when I saw the lady [Lynne] in the passenger wing mirror and knew something was wrong. There were no pedestrians but lots of vehicle traffic, though no one had stopped. We pulled up by a set of lights and she banged on the door and we threw open the door yelling to get in.

“As soon as she was in the van the moped driver sped off. We asked where she needed to go and she was so apologetic, asking if we needed to get on to our next job! Obviously, we reassured her not to worry about that and just to let us know where she needed to go.”

The pair dropped Lynne off at her home not far from Forest Road where the incident happened.

Jonathan Stanton (left) and Lewis Steele (right) with their van

Jonathan said: “I’m just glad we were there. We were all quite shaken and bemused by the event so we didn’t really get to talk but I’d love to see her again and make sure everything is okay.”

Murphy CEO Steve Hollingshead said: “It is people like Lewis and Jonathon that make me proud to be a part of Murphy. All of us here are glad that they were in the right place at the right time and sending our best to Lynne after being caught in such a terrifying situation.”

Posted Friday, October 6, 2017 by Emma Best

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